How To Set Transparent And Sticky Headers Together

Flexia offers very flexible header customization options to customize and set a transparent sticky header. This feature will help web designers, who often use headers with a sticky feature and transparent background options to make content more lively. Follow this guide to learn how to set a transparent and sticky header on Flexia together.

Step 1: Go To The Header Layout Options On Flexia #

To set transparent and sticky headers for your landing pages or blogs on Flexia, open the Layout option from Flexia’s Header tab. Go to Appearance → Customize from your WordPress dashboard and choose the Header option to open the Layout menu.

[Note: You must install and activate the Flexia theme on your WordPress website before setting a transparent header.]

transparent and sticky header

Step 2: Change Navbar Position #

From the Navbar Position options, select ‘Transparent Sticky Top’. This will keep showing your transparent header stick on top while scrolling your page. Now publish your page.

transparent and sticky header

Final Outcome #

Now, visit your page and check if your page’s header is transparent and sticky at the same time.

transparent and sticky header

That’s how easily you can set a transparent and sticky header together on Flexia.
For any difficulties, feel free to contact our dedicated support team.

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Updated on June 5, 2023